The Tyranny of Manifestation eBook


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Manifestation is everywhere right now. I even got an email from my bank trying to sell me a money manifestation candle! It read: 

“To start 2023 with a mindset of abundance, we dropped a limited-edition, premium candle with a manifestation guide."

If banks are sending emails about manifesting, then this isn’t some random phenomenon in hidden corners of the internet. No, manifesting is fast becoming part of our cultural vocabulary.

As an entrepreneur in the business space, I’m seeing it increasingly talked about as “THE way” to get to the high income months people desire. A business coach I follow on instagram recently shared that she was going to try to manifest 500k a month, and 30 days later reported that she had made her 500k goal. After talking about the results her clients have been getting too, she says, “I’m just stopping in to say, you are the author of your life, you can manifest any desire that you want.”

That comment and the whole journey she takes the viewer on is so typical of the manifestation messaging out there right now. The implication is that if you aren’t making 500k a month like she is, or the 50k or 200k launches like her clients, you just need to manifest it.

You’ve probably run across this kind of manifestation messaging, too. How are we supposed to understand this as Christians? Where does mindset end and manifesting start? And how can we respond to this new trend with biblical integrity?

You may be thinking, “Yeah, but my spidey senses go off whenever people talk about manifesting, so I don’t really know if this book is for me.” You and I are probably similar. I’ve never practiced manifesting, and my Christian discernment alarm bells were blaring whenever anyone mentioned it. And yet, the more I’ve studied manifesting, the more I’ve realized it was impacting me and my business in ways I didn’t realize. Beyond that, we also need to know how to talk about this cultural phenomenon with others, defend our faith, and walk carefully. We want to be “those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.” Hebrews 5:14

The goal of this book is to help you understand manifestation, know how to talk about it with others, and get excited about the glorious calling God has placed on our lives regarding our work!

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