Unique Apparel Just for You

Unique Apparel Just for You

The Voca Merch Shop exists to serve YOU by providing apparel and custom goods that blend rich theology AND entrepreneurship into motivational and inspiring pieces. When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was surprised to find very little that fit that bill. So I created this store to serve others in the same shoes!

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Um, can I wear this thing forever? First of all, the message is just amazing. And motivating. When I put this on, I feel so pumped to tackle my business responsibilities for the day. I can’t wait to sport it around town—I bet it’ll start amazing conversations. 

And also, I was NOT expecting the quality to be what it was. This is THE softest sweatshirt I’ve ever worn. It’s so cozy. The sleeves are long enough, which is fantastic. And the stitching seems like it’s going to last forever. 

This is a 10/10. Pair it with some cute linen pants and it’s like the perfect work from home uniform. I can’t wait to see what other apparel Voca drops. I just love Rachel’s taste, design, and messaging!!

I love my Voca Society t-shirt! It feels fabulous to wear, is uniquely/beautifully designed, and can lead to joy filled conversations about what I do in my business as well as my calling.

Shelby Shepherd Co-Owner of The Evergreen Planner Co.
Holly Kirkpatrick Real Estate Investor
Does Your Hustle-Weary Heart Need More Jesus?

Does Your Hustle-Weary Heart Need More Jesus?

Mine does! Join a growing movement of Christian women who are putting Jesus first in their businesses. Whether you are looking for friendship with other like-minded women in our online community The Voca Society, a podcast that applies theology to your life as a female entrepreneur, or apparel and swag to inspire you and start conversations, you can find all this and more here at Voca...

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What does your name mean?

What does your name mean?

Voca is short for vocation which is a word that has a rich theological history. In Latin, the word Vocation has the idea of "call" or "calling"(where we get our word ‘vocal’ from).

In the Roman Catholic monastic tradition, it originally meant the calling to a sacred profession such as a monk or nun. The Protestant reformers believed that ALL work was sacred, even if that person was washing dishes or shoeing horses. They argued that all work could be done to God's glory, and that made it holy. The term has since broadened due to their influence (specifically Martin Luther's) to mean any kind of profession.

I named the Voca Society after this belief that all work is sacred to God because I believe that YOUR work is important to God. The mission of the Voca Society is all about encouraging women like you to walk in the calling God has placed on your life. 

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